Poker is a mind game in essence, and involves huge amounts of variables and chance outcomes. The game has been mastered by certain individuals based mostly on their ability to perceive percentages, make decisions of these assumptions and to read peoples body language and facial expressions. Aside from people who can play the game in this manner, are thousands of people who play based on various strategies. Poker is a game that has come to engulf the gambling scene, predominately Texas hold-em. The game can be played at a table or online, and the two exhibit very different strategic approaches if you want to profit.

Playing poker is one thing. Winning at poker is a whole different game. People play at casinos or house games and have the impression that online games will be the same, and they adhere to the same principles of play. However this is a big misconception and can leave players who may view themselves as a great player scratching their heads wondering why they are not producing. Poker really takes out the human element to the game of poker, which is very vital to most people’s style of game in real life. When we play poker we can’t read another player, and we can’t get a read on what their thinking if we can not see them. It’s because of this that I think it is best to play online poker in a tighter manner. Often times it is beneficial to play in a loose manner at a table, as people are more easily bluffed. When it comes to poker play there really is no bluffing. As a player you have to realize that the game has changed. It’s not about assessing the probability someone is going to call your hand, it moves towards playing the actual probability of the strength of your hand vs. others hands.

In a game of poker a person should tighten up their game of play. The best strategy that I have found is to bet moderate to low until you see cards that have a good chance of winning. At this point I think its best to push hard as you have a greater chance of winning these hands. I say this because it is very rare when playing online poker to encounter a table of people who don’t call your bluff. Chances are much greater that a person is going to call you and you will lose the hands that you have a higher chance of winning at a real life table. It’s important to change your style of play when it comes to online poker, and the best results come from playing the probability of the cards you actually have in your hand vs. the odds.

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