Black Diamond Casino Review


Site Name: Black Diamond Casino
Network: Top Game
Bonus: $25 Free, No Dep Req.
Bonus Code: No Sign-up Bonus Req
US Players Accepted: No

Black Diamond Casino is an interesting casino that draws its users in with a wide variety of features. These features include bonuses, games, progressive jackpots, and VIP options. While these wide variety of options are great there are some minor drawbacks to using this particular Casino.

Black Diamond Casino is a wonderful site, but it has an extreme drawback in that you have to download software to use this casino. You cannot use this online casino without downloading the software. While this was standard in the early days of online casinos this is a pretty uncommon feature these days. The uses of downloadable software will feel clunky to many users and it definitely is a questionable decision on the part of this casino.

Black Diamond Casino has a wide variety of bonuses. The first bonuses comes upon sign up and downloading the casino software. This bonus of $25 is yours to spend in the casino without having to make any deposit whatsoever. This is a great feature as it allows users to get used to the experience of Black Diamond Casino.

Black Diamond Casino also offers a $999 welcome bonus that can be earned over the course of four deposits. This multiple deposit system is becoming increasingly popular with online casinos. Black Diamond Casino’s system appears to be quite generous, but when you actually look at the system it requires you to deposit $1300 in order to acquire the $999 bonus. The average bonus is right around 100% so this system is not quite as generous as the average, but it is still nice to have.
Black Diamond has a wide variety of games to play and you are sure to find a game that you enjoy.

If you enjoy playing table games you might find their selection to be rather limited as they only have six table games and two of them are variations of Blackjack. This is a rather limited selection by any standard. The casino makes up for its limited table game offerings by offering a huge array of slot machine games that will keep you busy for hours just checking out each game. The casino also has four different video poker games that include different variations of the rules of video poker.

If you like playing video poker and want a lot of variety you might find their selection to be a little limited, but if you just want a normal selection of video poker games, then you will be more than happy with their selection. Finally, Black Diamond has included a selection of progressive jackpot games. These games have an ever-growing jackpot that gets players excited and gives them the opportunity to win big. If you believe that you might get truly lucky, then these progressive jackpot games are definitely for you. There is even a counter on their web page that lets you follow along as the jackpots grow and grow.

Black Diamond is an interesting competitor in the online casino market. The fact that you have to download software to play the game feels a little clunky and their bonus system is rather limited. The selection of games is also rather small and that may disappoint players. In spite of its flaws Black Diamond is a great site and a great place to gamble.

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