Casino Titan Review


Site Name: Casino Titan
Network: Real Time Gaming Network
Bonus: $3,000
Bonus Code: ELECTRIC400
US Players Accepted: Yes


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Casino Titan is a fun and exciting online game page, where you can play the slots, or video poker, and an assortment of many other casino games. I recently downloaded the software, and filled out the application to join, and then I created my passwords. Logging in was also very easy and fast.

This casino was just as I hoped it would be, it was of high quality, and to may surprise, they presented me with a new account signup bonus of 7.00 dollars to play for real money absolutely free. When I entered the casino, I found myself maneuvering through the game site quite easily, and it was also completely easy to use and understand. I chose slots as my first game to try, it was really great for a first timer. I won a little money, but later lost it. I never had such a good time before loosing my money, but it was fun. They also offer a lot of bonuses if you deposit a certain amount of money into your account.

Once my money was gone I thought what know, but this casino will also let you play for fun, without depositing any money. Casino Titan will let you play, just for the fun of it, but of course if you are just playing for fun, then you wont be winning any real money. After I lost the seven dollar bonus, that they gave me, I then gave the free games a try. I thought well may as well play for free, and learn a little something before actually playing for real money.

There were so many games to choose from, but I personally like slots more than any other because I don’t have the patients to set through a card game. But anyways, each game categorically had over ten or more games for individuals to play. Some of the games also have tournaments that a person can attend and win a lot more money than usual play. Which is always good if you need to make money for more game playing.

All in all, this casino is one of my favorites, and I will absolutely keep going back once I become more experience in playing. The software runs really fast and smooth, it has never frozen up on me. One thing I forgot about was the live chat, which is pretty neat when you are in a bind and need advice from other players. This is an excellent game site, and has fantastic quality games that a person can enjoy for hours upon hours. Cashing out seemed to be really simple to do, and money took only a short amount of days to reach my account.


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