TOP 10 Blacklisted Online Casinos

A lot of people enjoy playing at online casinos because there are several benefits associated with playing at an online casino such as being very convenient, you can play at the comfort of your own home and these casinos usually give out incentives to people. Playing at online casinos is relatively safe; however, it is very important to know that there are a lot of bad online casinos out there that just want to scam people out of their money. As a result, a lot of people are interested in finding out which casinos are reliable and which are fraudulent. Luckily, this article will give a detailed list of the top 10 blacklist casinos.

Updated: 17/Jan/2013

7 Sultans Casino (DANGER): This is one of the worst online casinos because they do not pay players located within BAD countries like (Romania,Russia,Ukraine etc .. that’s not fair!), we personally get scammed by those people in addition, they have a very long history of not paying any of the winnings at all. And on top of that, customer support does not actually helps you when you need it.

Mighty Slots: In 2008 there was an investigation on Mighty Slots, which revealed that this online casino was committing a type of fraud. This casino was accused of sending users several bad spam emails; some of them contained malware that would shut down a computer’s system.

Gold VIP Club: The Gold VIP Club has been added to the list of the worst online casinos for several reasons. One of the reasons is because they are accused of not paying the users for winning the games. Also, they were also being accused of sending threats to a person’s email if they would complain about them to authorities.

Casino 1×2: Casino 1×2 is an online casino that fails to pay people when they request a transfer because they claim that their bank has run out of money. Nonetheless, they continually lure new users into using their online casinos; even if they won’t be able to pay them if they win anything.

African Palace Casino: This online casino was once chased down by a woman who had won a jackpot, but was denied payment; and even after that they refused to give the woman her money. In addition, you should not deposit any of your money at this casino because they can steal your important information and even your identity.

Domain Holdings LTD Casinos: This is an enterprise that owns several fraudulent online casinos, which include: Sportsbook Casino, Superbook Casino, iWager Casino and Sports Fanatic Casino. These casinos have been accused of not paying players on time, denying payments and scamming people of their hard earned cash.

Gambling Federation: The Gambling Federation is the owner of the following scamming casinos: Pink Lady Casino, Video Poker Classic Casino, Commodore Casino and others. These casinos had several complaints from former users claiming that they send infected emails to their email address, thus causing their computer to become infected with Malware.

Golden Arch Casino: The Golden Arch Casino has definitely earned a spot on the blacklist for their shady scamming. This online casino claims to give new users $300 dollars as a welcoming bonus, but instead, playing at this casino can cause you to owe them money. The reason why is because they have very confusing and ridiculous terms and fine print.

Luck3 Casino: They send new users spam to their email addresses and viruses.

Grand Duke: They are also accused of sending users viruses and bugs to their email addresses.

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