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Online casinos have their own accounts that are funded by the people that are using them. Online deposits are required to fund gaming for the consumer and payouts are also given through these accounts owned and operated by the online casino itself. The inherent problem stems from U.S. based residents trying to use their credit cards at these gambling sites. Because of the highly controversial aspect of online gambling, U.S. based credit cards do not accept transactions initiated at these type sites. This is where Moneybookers comes into play. Moneybookers is a legal corporation that allows consumers and merchants to transfer funds with the use of email. Credit cards will accept transfer of funds to this corporation and allows the consumer to fund online gaming site accounts. The advantage of having a money booker account now has people from the entire world to fund online gambling sites and be allowed to release their energy in winning money online.

Because of the increased amount of online gambling there are some of these gambling sites that have risen to the top as being the best and safest place to play. The best in accordance to the games that they offer and the safety of funds because of using the Moneybookers system of transferring funds.

I will list three of the top online casinos that are associated with Moneybookers transactions so that you can participate with full assurance that your funds are secure. Vegas Strip Casino has been long accepted as credible because of the length of time it has been in operation. Downloading proprietary software from their site allows the consumer to play their games without charge and without any deposits of any kind. The ability to play without charge allows the player to see which games they prefer and once finding out which ones they like to play without any limits. Of course, once making the decision to play with actual funds, Moneybookers is there to fund the transactions. The Virtual Casino is another long standing online site that allows the consumer to play free to check out their games. Also downloading their software is a requirement to play for free but as soon as a decision is made to play with real money, the sky is the limit. There is no limit when playing at this casino on the amount you can bet.

Cirrus Casino UK and Europe has a long standing reputation of being credible in the Europe arena. The length of time that an online gambling site has been operating gives a clue as to the credibility of that site. With so many legal ramifications on the aspect of online gambling, being able to stay open during these times proves that it is legitimate. The same features are allowed on this site with free online play without making an online deposit is allowed.

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